International Citizens in Viborg

Viborg Municipality

Viborg is one of Denmark’s most internationally minded municipalities. Here globalization is for real and a part of our daily life!

International employees, students and researchers from more than 125 countries worldwide live in Viborg Municipality, make up more than 5% of the population and the number grows. We are very focused on making sure that our new international citizens feel welcome when they arrive and settle down here.

Today Viborg already offers international education at primary and lower secondary level (Cambridge) as well as at high school level (IB).

Besides, The City Council has decided to open the first international, English speaking kindergarten group in Denmark outside Copenhagen. It opens 1st of January 2018 in Bulderby - one of our municipal day care institutions, thus fulfilling the international care and educational chain in Viborg from 3-18 years. For more information please see the link to the right.

Finally, we host international companies, sport clubs and events. In the city center, surrounding Campus Viborg, there is a vibrant international student environment.

Welcome to Viborg Municipality!

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