Viborg Animation Festival

Viborg Animation Festival is Denmark’s largest animation festival. For a whole week in September, you can enjoy a carefully curated programme in the cinema for free, visit art exhibitions incorporating animation in art pieces and installations, and attend conferences about learning, health and communication where animation, games and new technology play a key role.

If you are into gaming, the Festival’s Game Expo will fulfill your needs. Being the birthplace of Subway Surfers and the first European city to have a virtual replica within Minecraft, Viborg is no stranger to games and therefore the Game Expo is constantly growing as well as the rest of the festival.

Viborg Animation Festival is a place to showcase projects, solutions and results. It is a place to network, get inspired, share knowledge, negotiate partnerships and experience Viborg from its most animated angle.

The festival attracts 8 – 10,000 people of all ages – and the number of participants is increasing each year.

Each module in the programme has its own target group. You will meet everything from animation professionals, local citizens, decision makers, CEOs, politicians, employees within healthcare and education, entrepreneurs and many more. We offer a variety of content and are always on the lookout for new collaborations that can enrich the festival.

Sidst opdateret: 28.02.2018