Case: Subway Surfers

More than a billion people around the world have a little piece of Viborg in their pocket. The mobile game 'Subway Surfers' is one of the most downloaded apps in the world and it originates from Viborg.

Sylvester Rishøj and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner both attended The Animation Workshop and they produced the graduation film 'Train Bombing'. The short movie is about a young graffiti artist WHO is chased by a security guard and his dog – does the plot sound familiar?

The film won a festival prize and the two friends decided to invest the prize money in developing a game based loosely on the universe from the film. They formed the company Sybo Games and together with the Danish gaming company Kiloo they created the game Subway Surfers. The rest is history. More than 25 million people play the game Subway Surfers on a daily basis.

Today, Sybo Games continues to have an office at Arsenalet in Viborg, but the main operation is run from their studio in Copenhagen with 27 employees. Subway Surfers generates a yearly turnover of more than 10 million euro.

Sidst opdateret: 28.02.2018