Animation is deeply rooted in the DNA of Viborg. A key factor is The Animation Workshop, Viborg’s well renowned Animation School. Over the last 30 years The Animation Workshop has evolved into one of the best, most well respected schools globally.

The constant flow of knowledge, education, talent and productions makes Viborg a perfect place to establish a studio or a company, that works within entertainment, digital marketing or functional animation.

We strongly believe in the power of animation to clarify communication. In Viborg we look for animation as much more than entertainment and stories for children. We also see it as a modern, citizen involvment and democratic communication. For animation is an effective tool in a complex knowledge society - animation can just explain complex issues so that everyone can understand it. This is meaningful communication that speaks both to the heart and brain. Animation is used in a business environment or within a sector with special needs for getting the message across to the recepient regardless of gender, age, nationality or literacy.

Viborg Municipality has implemented animation in its communication with citizens, employees and stakeholders with great results. Follow the link to the website to explore some of the projects the municipality has been involved in.

The strong relationship between the municipality, The Animation Workshop and the business community makes Viborg a unique partner, destination or home for all animation related activities.

We offer the following services:

  • Matchmaking
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Guided tour of the animation community
  • Lectures within the field of animation
  • Inspirational talks about the non-entertainment possibilities within animation

Animation used by Invest in Viborg is made by:

Good Job Studios

Monkey Tennis Animation Studio

Tumblehead Animation Studio

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