Why Viborg

Viborg has something unique to offer - what ever your focus is data centers, animation, VR or you are investing in green, sustainable solutions etc.

In Viborg, you will get:

  • The best of Denmark and the Nordic countries
  • A European hub for data centers, green solutions, animation, VR and new media
  • A growth municipality in regards to population as well as businesses and workforce
  • Superb digital and physical infrastructure
  • Central location in the middle of Denmark
  • A solid pool of highly qualified and motivated talents
  • Access to a leading industrial production area in Denmark
  • One of Denmark’s most internationally oriented municipalities

Connecting to Invest In Viborg, you will get:

  • A neutral process facilitator
  • A tailor-made solution for locating your business in Viborg
  • Single entry to companies, educations and authorities
  • Assistance 24-7-365

In short, Viborg is a perfect match to your project.

Welcome to Invest In Viborg!

Sidst opdateret: 03.05.2019