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Neutral facilitator
Invest in Viborg works as a neutral facilitator. Thus, we offer potential investors assistance ranging from market screening to actual investment process.

As a neutral, non-profit agency, we ensure discretion and confidentiality for every investor. Our community position ensures any investor trust and credibility before, during and after an investment process.

Market overview
Invest in Viborg can help you map the relevant market for any investment. We can provide you with knowledge on relevant clusters, industries, labour market, infrastructure, education institutions, etc.

Partner search
Invest in Viborg can assist you with partner searches and map any relevant public and private partners. Furthermore, we can help you set up meetings with relevant actors.

M+W Group 

M+W Group is general contractor on Project Wildcat - Apple’s hyper scale datacenter in Viborg Municipality. Check out what M+W Group has to say about their cooperation with us and other Danish authorities. (link to the right).

Sidst opdateret: 13.03.2018