Grundfos is a part of Invest in Viborg. With an annual production of more than 16 million pump units, Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers - and by far the largest production company in Viborg Municipality.

Circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning as well as other centrifugal pumps for the industry, water supply, sewage and dosing are the main products. Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulators, covering approximately 50% of the world market.

In addition to pumps, Grundfos produce and sell standard and submersible motors as well as state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring and controlling pumps.

Innovative Solutions are our business
For 70 years, Grundfos has worked hard on improving their skills in order to provide the right solutions and produce the perfect pumps. Every day, their innovative and energy efficient water solutions provide reliable, sustainable drinking water to millions of people around the world. Grundfos sets the standard within their work area and keep raising the bar when it comes to energy and water efficiency and protection of the environment.

Powered by Renewable Energy
Grundfos solutions are designed with different kinds of environments in mind. Thus, they want to be able to bring water to people everywhere. Therefore, Grundfos has a number of products and solutions designed to run on solar or wind power, making it possible to bring water to remote, off-the-grid areas or parts of the world characterized by unstable power supplies.

Cutting edge and reliable
Grundfos’ technology and solutions bring water in the right quality to the people who need it. Often in poor parts of the world, where funding as well as water quality are issues to be recognized. Continuously, they explore new as well as known routes when doing it.

For instance, AQtap is developed for sustainable water management, and capable of using the latest mobile payment technologies. It is renowned for setting the trend in supplying water against payment, enabling water providers such as utilities and NGOs to collect revenue, control the price, and ensure that their water systems are maintained.

AQpure builds on years of experience in treating water, and is a scalable solution that quickly and efficiently treats surface and river water to drinking water quality by using solar energy as well other energy sources, and it is capable of operating in both remote and off-grid area.

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