Aarhus University Foulum

Aarhus University is among the world’s leading research institutions within food and agriculture. Most of the university’s research in food and agriculture takes place at the university’s huge research unit in Foulum, Aarhus University Foulum, situated close to Viborg.

The research areas at Aarhus University Foulum include plants, animals, food, organic farming, bioenergy, environment, climate, soil, genetics and technology. The main purpose of the research is to produce and provide knowledge that ensures agricultural and food production that is both competitive and sustainable. 

Strengthen your competitiveness through research collaboration
Knowledge creates growth, and through research collaboration with Aarhus University Foulum, companies can be at the forefront of development. At Aarhus University Foulum, companies have access to the most recent research within food and agriculture. Through collaboration, research-based knowledge and innovative solutions, that can strengthen the competitiveness and profit performance of the participating Companies, can be developed.

Aarhus University Foulum offers guidance on the different ways in which companies can establish and finance collaboration relations with the scientists at Aarhus University Foulum.

Unique facilities
Aarhus University Foulum has a wide range of specialised laboratories and research facilities that offer unique opportunities for collaboration with companies and the development of solutions.

Among these facilities are:

  • The biogas plant at AU Foulum is the world’s largest plant for biogas experiments
  • A biofuel laboratory to test and develop boilers for biofuels
  • A pilot plant for hydrothermal (HTL) conversion of biomass to fuel
  • An organic livestock platform for research into management, technology, nutrition, health and behaviour
  • An arable farm for both conventional field experiments and organic experiments, including machinery for a wide range of different trials
  • Odour laboratories, GIS laboratories, climate chambers and a semi-field facility where precipitation can be controlled and plants and soil studied at root level
  • Facilities for experimental cultivation and research in cropping systems on field plots and semi-field facilities
  • Flexible housing facilities for experiments with pigs, cattle, poultry and horses and a mink farm
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