Functional Animation

“Functional Animation” is a term coined in Viborg and covers more or less all the animation areas besides entertainment: Animation used for education and learning, explainer videos, visualisation of strategies, healthcare, communication to citizens and manuals or instructions just to name a few.

The unique features of animation make it a perfect tool for explaining complicated matters within science or getting a message across in a minute or two. Animation can engage the audience, can reach people with reading disabilities and can communicate across gender and nationality.

The ability to reduce the data in an image all the way down to an icon or very simplified graphic representation is one of the unique features of animation and is one of the reasons why it is perfect for knowledge transfer: You only see what is necessary without any interfering elements.

With animation everything is possible: We can travel in time, make the hidden features within a product or the human body visible, visualise things that are not yet invented or built. Animation is the most flexible medium available on the market for creating understanding and for obtaining knowledge and engagement.

As a local authority, Viborg Municipality uses functional animation within healthcare, for communication to citizens and for learning.

Sidst opdateret: 28.02.2018