Arsenalet is a creative cluster of businesses working with animation, games and new media. Arsenalet is situated in Viborg right next to The Animation Workshop. Arsenalet is home to more than 25 companies, start-ups and freelancers.

The companies at Arsenalet work with all aspects of animation and games including idea and concept development, concept-artwork, storytelling, storyboarding, illustration/design, 2D & 3D animation, CGI, sound and high end graphic design.

At Arsenalet, you will find established studios that specialise in high-end feature film animation suited for international co-production, as well as start-ups and freelancers. Many of the companies at Arsenalet are used to delivering projects in collaboration with each other or companies outside Arsenalet.

Besides the obvious benefits of being close to a massive pool of talent graduating from The Animation Workshop, Arsenalet facilitates seminars, workshops and conferences that are relevant for the animation and gaming communities. Arsenalet is engaged in networking activities with other creative clusters in Denmark and abroad to stay on top of the rapid development within the creative industry.

Alongside the business focus, Arsenalet is also a place to socialise. Many of the companies and the employees are from all over the world and the social events at Arsenalet helps everybody integrate in the local community.

Arsenalet offers the following services:

  • Affordable and flexible office space
  • Matchmaking
  • Networking
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Business development for start-ups
  • Access to talent
Sidst opdateret: 28.02.2018